Open Doors

We will ensure that each student, regardless of heritage, individual characteristics, or financial well-being, has access to a timely degree and a true Penn State experience.


Open Doors Progress
(as of 9/30/2020)

What Philanthropy Can Do

Access and affordability must be priorities for the entire University community: in our fiscal policies and budget planning, in our guidance of students toward completion, and in our philanthropic investments and partnerships. With the help of our supporters, we can reduce the cost of a Penn State degree, the time that students—especially those from low-income households—take to earn it, and the educational debt that can limit our graduates’ ambitions and achievements. We can also help all our students reach the goal of graduation, and we have the potential to have the highest graduation rate of our peers, despite the fact that we open our doors to a wide variety of students. With more than 16,000 bachelor’s degrees awarded each year and a prominence that makes us a model for other institutions, Penn State can have a vast impact on the economic mobility of our students, the diversity of the American workforce, and the affordability of public higher education nationwide.

Your support can Open Doors.