Impact the World

We intend to bring together the diverse breadth and depth of our powerful research and educational institution to address the enduring issues of our time.


Impact the World Progress
(as of 9/30/2020)

What Philanthropy Can Do

Philanthropy, in conjunction with University investments, can catapult our existing programs in water, food, and energy to preeminent levels in research and education. Our breadth and depth is a powerful foundation upon which to build “the” energy university, and to take our contributions to national prominence. Furthermore, Penn State aspires to be the leader in research and education that addresses the true complexity of human health challenges and in the prediction, prevention, treatment, and cure of disease. And in addition to tackling these global challenges, Penn State will look closer to home, empowering generations of new business leaders committed to bringing economic prosperity back to hard-hit regions of the Commonwealth. We must now build the partnerships, programs, and culture that will keep Pennsylvania and Pennsylvanians competitive and improve quality of life in our region and throughout our nation. Across the University, collaborations already exist, and others are emerging, that require only philanthropic investment to make rapid progress toward this goal and to secure Penn State’s place as a leader in our global economy.

Your support can Impact the World.