Create Transformative Experiences

We must distinguish Penn State through transformative experiences that go beyond the classroom, through a global perspective, readiness for the growing digital revolution, and an even deeper commitment to the arts and humanities.


Create Transformative Experiences Progress
(as of 8/31/2020)

What Philanthropy Can Do

Private support can ensure that our students and faculty have the resources to take advantage of both existing and emerging opportunities to develop as global leaders. As Penn State becomes a truly global university, our students, faculty, and graduates will define their own aspirations and responsibilities internationally, too. In the future, to be a Penn Stater will mean to be a global citizen, with the perspective and ambition to change the world through innovative solutions.

That innovation requires investment, and philanthropy can enable us to go beyond what our present resources allow us to do today and pursue opportunities that will have the greatest impact tomorrow. As Penn State‚Äôs alumni and friends invest in our digital infrastructure, capacities, and ambitions, the payoff will be a scope of impact that could not have been imagined even a decade or two ago. A digital Penn State will embody, more truly than ever before, our mission to serve our students, the Commonwealth, and the world.

And in our current era of globalization and technological change, the arts and humanities offer a pathway to reflection and communication about fundamental values and encourage the creativity and flexibility that will be essential to solving new and complex problems. We must do more to encourage vigorous public debate on important ethical and cultural issues and help our students understand the complex and diverse world they will enter as Penn State graduates.

Your support can Create Transformative Experiences.