Graduate Scholarship
Matching Program

A 1:1 permanent match for endowed gifts to create
graduate scholarships

Available for one year only.

Our shared future is shaped by the leaders—scientists and scholars, executives and entrepreneurs, artists and authors—who will pioneer new ways of understanding and changing our world. In Penn State’s graduate programs, ranked among the very best of their kind nationwide, these future leaders are laying the groundwork for careers that will fulfill their vast potential and impact their fields far into the future. At the same time, graduate students contribute to the strength of the Penn State community in countless ways—as role models for our undergraduates, as partners to our faculty in education and research, and as ambassadors for the University throughout their careers.

Other institutions nationwide have recognized the importance of talented graduate students to the strength of their reputations and their educational and research enterprises, and many offer generous support to the best applicants. This financial support can make all the difference to prospective students, many of whom are carrying significant debt from their undergraduate education or who have families depending upon them. Penn State’s resources for recruiting and rewarding graduate students lag far behind our peers, however. To encourage our supporters to create graduate scholarships during A Greater Penn State for 21st Century Excellence, the University will permanently double the principal of those endowed gifts, doubling the impact on students.

While donors may take up to five years to fulfill their pledges, the Graduate Scholarship Matching Program shifts funds from the University into new endowments immediately, so that students can begin benefiting from a gift in the semester after the scholarship is established, and your commitment will help graduate students both right away and far into the future.


David J. Lieb

Senior Associate Vice President

Office of University Development


Your Gift, Penn State’s Match

1: Initial gift

$125,000 pledge from donor, payable over five years.

2: Following quarter

The University applies the 1:1 match of $125,000 to the endowment principal.

4.5 percent of the endowment’s principal value of $125,000 is paid out, early activating the scholarship and making $5,625 in aid available in the next academic year.

3: Next four years

As the donor makes additional pledge payments, the awarded amount increases each year.

4: Upon completion

When the pledge is fully paid, the scholarship will pay out on the full amount of the endowment of $250,000 or $11,250 annually.

While the minimum endowment for a graduate scholarship is $250,000, which can be established with a $125,000 gift through the matching program, alumni and friends may also leverage this program to create graduate fellowships, the most prestigious and generous awards made to top applicants. Graduate fellowships require a $400,000 minimum endowment; for this year only, a $200,000 commitment will earn $200,000 in matching funds through the Graduate Scholarship Matching Program. Donors can target their support to graduate students on the basis of financial need, academic merit, or a combination of factors.